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Travel: The Judean Wilderness

Travel: The Judean Wilderness

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Build Your Own Adventure Catcher

Posted on: Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hey guys, this is Michaela! I’m excited about sharing this craft with you.

So, I want my life to reflect this somewhat corny yet perceptive quote:

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

There’s nothing more beautiful to me than building memories with people I love in places that connect us. It is important to me to create a space where I can relive those memories.

Last year when I moved away from home, I found myself scrolling through old pictures on my phone all the time. The trip to Alaska with my sister and my best friend, the ride through the mountains of my home town on a day that was so hot we ended up swimming the horses in our denim jeans, visiting Utah for my beautiful friend’s wedding. Looking at these pictures makes me inexplicably happy and I knew I wanted a unique way to showcase those memories in my new home.

The idea for an adventure “catcher” was random, but I absolutely love the result and wanted to share it with anyone else who agrees that the most beautiful interior design should reflect you and make you happy!

The process of making this display couldn’t be easier:

  1. Print out your photos. I used Artifact Uprising. This service prints out gorgeous pictures and mails them to you. Our photos came out GORGEOUS and the company often has discount codes so check them out! One recommendation I have is to edit your photos and up the brightness and saturation as printed photos don’t always come out the way they look on your electronic screen.
  2. Find a tree branch! In my opinion the perfect display branch should have architectural interest (i.e. knobs, and lots of offshoot branches) and you should also keep branch size/number of photos you have to display in mind as you don’t want your photos to be crowded, or too sparse. Once you find the right branch, trim the offshoots to varying lengths for interest and to help separate your photos when they are hung.
  3. Tie long strands of twine from the branches. Try and switch up the spacing and length of the strands as this will add to rustic nature of the display, or if that’s not your style, you could go with a super symmetrical look.
  4. Use tiny clothespins to clip your photos to the twine. I used one pin on the top and bottom of each photo to help the pictures stay affixed.


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